Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park, nestled in the northeast of Tanzania, offers an astounding array of natural landscapes. From lush rainforests to picturesque alkaline lakes, this park seamlessly combines diverse environments. Often dubbed “Little Ngorongoro” for its Ngurdoto Crater, a volcanic wonder akin to the famed Ngorongoro Crater, the park’s pristine crater hosts a vibrant rainforest, home to a spectrum of colorful bird species, crafting a captivating backdrop.

An exclusive facet of the park is the Momela Lakes, a constellation of seven shallow alkaline lakes. These shimmering lakes awaken with flocks of flamingos and a palette of other avian inhabitants, turning the terrain into a mesmerizing blend of blues and greens. A haven for bird enthusiasts and nature admirers, this setting is a delight.

Mount Meru

Tanzania’s second-highest summit further enriches the park’s appeal. The mountain’s diverse terrain transitions from lush rainforests to arid alpine deserts as you ascend, offering a compelling alternative to the famed Mount Kilimanjaro, replete with trekking and hiking adventures across evolving ecosystems.

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