Day Trip

In the dry summer months, skeletal baobabs are scattered across the landscape and their spindly branches extend from thick trunks towards the sky. The grass is brittle following the relentless beating the land has suffered during the dry season, forcing Tarangire National Park’s wildlife to congregate. nervously around their only water source: the Tarangire River. This is the setting of one of the most exciting times in the park as predator and prey walk side by side. Herds of up to 300 elephants wander the dry parts of the riverbed, digging wells and bringing water to the surface. Enormous pythons snake their way up trees and nestle in its branches, disturbing the 550 bird. species that call the park home. The rare fringe-eared oryx and gerenuk pick at the grass on the savannah. Migratory animals such as the wildebeest and zebra roam through the park at certain times of the year, piquing the interest of the parks. tree-climbing lions and evasive leopards. The park it is 5 hours game drive and latter we drive directly to Arusha town.