Ruaha National Park

As the Ngorongoro Conservation Area complements well with the Serengeti National Park in the famously documented Northern Circuit, the Southern Circuit’s Selous Game Reserve is well supplemented by none other than Ruaha National Park, the largest National Park in Tanzania. Together with the Selous Reserve, Ruaha national park makes up the flagship cornerstone of the Southern Circuit Tourism belt in Tanzania. This pristine wilderness area can have a rare experience of game viewing aesthetically enhanced by its fascinating landscape also rich in Miombo Woodland boasting almost an untouched and unexplored ecosystem for the unique safari experience. The life blood of the park lies in the Great Ruaha River of which it is named after, located in the south-central part of the country flowing through the Usangu wetlands and east into feeding the mighty Rufiji River.

The park is rich in plants and animals; The highest concentration of Elephants in East Africa, and the Ruaha red-billed hornbill that is dominant in this habitat. With the 2008 annexation of the Usangu wetland Area, Ruaha has become one of the country’s important bird areas (IBA) as recognized by Birdlife International. The park is also unique to the Greater Kudu which can not be found in any other national park in Tanzania.

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