Why Visit Serengeti National Park?  Animal Life and Sighting Opportunities  

One of the things the park is most famous for is its breathtaking animal migrations that take place throughout the year. These massive migrations include herds of various hoofed animals including wilder beasts, zebras and gazelles to name a few.

These animals can be seen on the move or can be witnessed grazing on the planes by those visiting. The experience of witnessing animals on the move in large herds can be added to by opting for the balloon safari option offered by the park. Visitors may charter a hot air balloon for a breathtaking aerial view of the park and wildlife within.

Apart from this, game drives both during the day and at night offer visitors the chance to witness the beautiful local animal population immersed in their natural activities. Animals that are commonly seen on such drives include lions, leopards and elephants as well as many others.

It can be visited throughout the year.