Udzungwa Mountains National Park

A prime spot for the avid adventurer, Udzungwa Mountains National Park elevates the tranquility and sense of adventure for the intrepid traveler, which incorporates the Udzungwa Mountains as part of the Eastern Arc Mountains. One of the largest and most biodiverse ranges of forest reserves, the park encompasses more than 400 bird species, 2500 plant species (25% of which are endemic species), and 6 primate species. It has the second largest biodiversity of any national park in Africa and is still unexplored for further scientific exploration on species biodiversity. Udzungwa is uniquely suited for hikers and trekkers, with a vast wealth of trails and paths offering staggering panoramic views. This destination is also ideal for camping safaris.


Udzungwa Mountains National Park, situated in southern Tanzania, is a haven for nature enthusiasts and hikers. This park’s remarkable biodiversity includes numerous rare and endemic species, making it a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its undulating terrain ranges from lowland rainforests to the Sanje waterfalls, which are among the tallest in East Africa. Hiking trails cater to various skill levels, providing opportunities to explore the rich flora and fauna while enjoying picturesque vistas. Udzungwa is famous for its diverse birdlife, with vibrant species like the Udzungwa partridge and the Rufous-winged sunbird gracing the skies. Whether you’re a dedicated hiker or simply seeking the wonders of nature, Udzungwa Mountains National Park offers an enchanting experience.

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